dirty south.

howdy, nashville.

traveling for business, staying with friends, and being in a very social setting (read: food,adult beverages, more food) disrupted my eating plan. like a lot. to my credit, i still fit in workouts 3 out of 4 days, but upon arriving my first night i knew my gluten-free, no-sugar, dairy-free, anti-alcohol plan was going to be challenging. and actually, darn near impossible.

it all started innocently with a gourmet ice cream at the locally famous jeni’s after dinner for a wee little scoop of homemade organic ice cream.  i adamantly told my friends, “i’m not doing dairy or sugar,” and immediately following my declaration was just these really weird looks, as though that was just unacceptable. alright, fine…twist my arm! so 3 of us shared 4 of the tiniest scoops ever of heavenly flavors like dark cherry goat cheese, amaretto pumpkin pie, bramble berry crumble, and dark chocolate truffle. damage: minimal.  enjoyment: indescribable yumminess.

thank the Lord above, my friend and her hubby are health nuts too, meaning each day started out with 2 eggs over easy + black coffee, followed by a workout.  and it seems as the sun started to set each day in the south, so would my ability to resist the yummy southern cookin’.

night number two: gluten-free shrimp n’ grits were a light, healthy choice. but from there the following may or may not have happened in my successful quest for an authentic southern experience : a biscuit bar with a complete selection of homemade jams, fried green tomatoes, moonshine, and, well you get the point.  but can we talk about these biscuits? words can’t describe the warm, buttery flakiness of the gluten-packed, but oh-so-worth every bite o’ biscuits. when in nashville!

oh, nashville. *sigh*i rarely have fun to the extent where i diverge (no, actually veer drastically) from my healthy eating. so one weekend isn’t going to kill me right? what irks me isn’t my choice to do so, but that i’m so hard on myself that i beat myself up after. see i make a living telling y’all to enjoy all things in moderation, yet i don’t think i (mentally) allow myself to do the same.  usually i would (literally) run it off, but since that’s not an option, i am processing these thoughts, these emotions…and the biscuits.

i already miss you. i miss the down home country vibe, the music, the people, the ya’lls and yes ma’aams. and the food. oh, the food. admittedly, i’m glad i was only there  3 1/2 days or i have a feeling the damage that ensued would have been quite expensive investing in new (bigger) britches.

gotta skedaddle now,

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