6 reasons why i’m bailing.

fact: TODAY is exactly 6 weeks til’ my birthday in january.

and fact: i just finished 4 weeks of mental torture in an effort to heal my bod.  yes, what was intended to be 6 weeks to an #optimalbod has been abruptly halted by yours truly. why? here are 6 reasons why i’m bailing:

well, because it’s my bod. it’s my blog. and i can. so there!  (sorry, got worked up.) 

  1. no, but really. i am feeling SO much better. the whole cutting back on exercise and upping the physical therapy
    combined with my anti-inflammation eating plan is working wonders on the bod (read: less pain). note: i’m not bailing on the plan…but i am going to kick my workouts back into a high(er) gear. in moderation. (pinky swear)
  2. i really miss running. like a lot. and erica said as long as i ease back into it, i can start running again. woo hoo…yay…par-tayyyy!!!
  3. did i mention that today is 6 weeks til’ my birthday? so technically, as the birthday girl, i can do what i want. (man, i’m feelin’ sassy today!)
  4. let’s face it. i’m ocd. and i really really love that starting a new 6-week fitbook lite today gets me to my goals ON my birthday. like exactly. it’s so perfect, it’s meant to be, really.
  5. we’re launching fitbook lite (my latest creation) this week and it just makes business sense, ya know? to start a new one when i’m talkin’ it up all week? yes, this is a business decision.

have i convinced you? oh well, i tried.  any ideas on what i should do at the end of the 6 weeks to celebrate my birthday? i’m thinking a little fitlosophy photo shoot for our new fitgear, perhaps?  yes, perhaps.

stay tuned!

p.s. wanna know what fitbook lite is? come play on instagram and subscribe to get notified when it’s available for pre-order. it’s pretty flippin’ awesome, if i do say so myself.)

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