entrepreneurs: 5 signs you drink too much ((coffee))

you know the saying that entrepreneurs are driven by passion? well, i think it’s actually just coffee. okay, driven by passion, but definitely powered by coffee. i came to this realization while at peet’s today. after going there day after day for months (because it’s within walking distance from my office) the baristas asked what i do for a living. now, mind you, i know them all by name and they know me as “half-cup girl” (i can explain).  and all this time, i’m thinking to myself that they’ve probably all decided that i’m unemployed given how often i’m there. when i said that i own my own business, they all replied, “ooooh!!! now we know why you drink so much coffee!!” as though it finally all made sense.  i explained to them that while i have a cute little red office just right down the road, with like the sweetest employees ever, i get 10x more done at the coffee shop. i mean, my team actually kicks me out of the office when we’re on deadline because they know me so well.  am i alone in this? i think not.

you know you’ve been at the coffee shop working for far too long when one or all of the following occurs – in a single day:

  1. the baristas greet you after the holidays like a long lost family member, wanting to know why you haven’t been by in so long. i was gone only 12 days. i’m sure my absence put a ding in their in-store sales for the month of december. sorry, peet’s.
  2. they know you by name and/or have a nickname for you. yes, i’m half-cup girl. why? because i drink coffee slow when i’m working…and my coffee gets cold…and cold coffee makes me cranky. so as not to waste precious coffee, i pay for a full cup, they give me a half-cup, and about an hour later i get the other half. bizarre, i know.
  3. you’ve had anywhere from 2-3 (or 4) refills and they make you a free espresso shot, just ’cause. and they cheers you while they do a shot with you, making me feel oddly like norm bellied up to the bar in the show ‘cheers.’
  4. while they’re sweeping and cleaning the machines, they start offering you pastries that they’re going to throw out soon. (i politely decline.)
  5. your colleagues are texting to see if you need a ride home because it’s dark and you ever-so-smartly walked to the coffee shop in an attempt to get steps in on your jawbone.

and that, my friends, was just 1 day. 5 signs, 1 day.

and one (me being “one”) wonders why one doesn’t sleep at night. one knows that one shouldn’t drink coffee late in the day, but one has also learned to accept how God made her. just like my momma, i am a night owl. in fact, most of my creative work is done in the wee hours. every article you read says that successful people wake up early. and i’m not arguing that – i’m envious actually. but i’m just not wired that way.  so leave it to me to find research backing that being a night owl isn’t so bad after all. apparently, new research shows night owls are more creative and smarter, and surprisingly have lower levels of stress hormone cortisol. regardless of what research says, i know that i’ve created more products, presentations, pitches, and proposals past midnight than i can even count.

now, the health nut in me must clarify: being a night owl isn’t necessarily bad, but sleeping too little IS. like, sleep deprivation is really bad for you. choosing to go to bed at 2am isn’t necessarily horrible…as long as you’re still getting at least 7 hours, which they’re now saying is better than 8.

yeah, i don’t get enough sleep, so do as i say, not as i do. (i’m working on it)
[ha! she says as she's finishing up a blog post at 12:28am]

here’s the deal: i shall continue to caffeinate, try to get a bit more rest, and should seriously consider paying rent at peets.

nighty night,
half-cup girl

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