#weareMOREthan: an honest chat about body image [video]

this may be my shortest blog post ever. because this video says it all. this is my why. why i do what i do. why i’m driven everyday to make a difference. why your stories make me want to be a better me. the fact is this: eating disorders are real, people. depression shows no mercy. they are gnarly and battles that even i struggle with to this day. this is me being me. i’d rather be open and honest than spend one more day feeling like a fake or a fraud. my fear is that by you seeing the real me, that i won’t be able to inspire you. but i’m learning that it’s not my story to keep to myself. if by sharing my struggle i can help even one person, it has served its purpose.

“i’m thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.”

in this video, i am joined with fitness entrepreneur michelle myers.  she is the founder of Cross Training Couture, She Works His Way, triple elite BeachBody coach, and my dear friend. on this 1-hour chat we talk about:

  • fitspiration: is it inspiring or body shaming?
  • social media’s role in body image issues
  • 6 myths behind eating disorders
  • the fitness industry: helping or harming?
  • how to take back control: action items


p.s. comment on this blog post with what resonates most with you + i’ll send one person a signed fitbook AND a signed copy of michelle’s book, “The Look That Kills.” [watch + comment below]

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