like a (girl) boss.

it’s been a manic monday. like one of those where you lose track of time and before you realize it, it’s 3pm and you’re still in your fuzzy slippers and you can’t quite remember if you had time to shower after yoga (the frizzy, no-product-added ‘do and makeup-less face is proof, so yes – yes, i did in fact shower today). whew. 

engrossed in work and knocking things off my to-do list, i'm hustling to get my work done so i can pack before flying out tomorrow for a quick work trip to south carolina. laundry is still in the washer, haven’t packed, and i may or may not have a presentation wednesday morning that i haven’t even started. and that’s how i roll.

literally turning my percolator entirely upside down to polish off my 4th and final cup of coffee around 3pm, sitting in my tiny little home office (more on “tiny” later), a thud startles the you-know-what outta me – a sign that no more coffee is probably a good thing. 

the aforementioned thud was mail arriving: letters, a few magazines, and a package. i have one of those old-fashioned mail slots so when mail arrives it just falls all on the floor and apparently when you’re amped up on coffee and engrossed in work, the arrival of mail can be quite startling.

a true procrastinator, i take a break from whatever sorta important thing i'm working on to check the mail. bill, junk mail, bill, fast company, more junk mail – and the june issue of entrepreneur magazine.

like, the one i did the photo shoot for back in march. quickly fumbling through the pages, i finally find it: page 50.

[cue the really melodramatic background music, you know the kind right before something important happens in a movie]

an entire 1-page spread on fitlosophy. but let’s be real: i interviewed for the article, i spent an hour and a half on the phone doing the fact checking. i knew what the article was about (again, more on that momentarily). but i literally gasped out-loud and little tiny tears of happiness filled my eyes. yes, i have a flair for the dramatic – but this wasn’t like “oh my gosh look at me in a magazine so i'm gonna cry for effect to blog about later.” oh no, these were very real.

backstory: the photo shoot was a little over 2 ½ hours. i brought one professional outfit for the in-office pics and a more casual one for the shots at the beach. [side note: frolicking in the sand at sunset with 2 photographers snapping your pic will make any girl feel beautiful, fyi. but i digress.]

i remember tossing in a black dress, just as a back-up –just in case. we spent maybe all of 10 minutes shooting in that outfit and that’s the pic they chose to feature. 

that gorgeous fitted black dress was my momma’s.

hence, the tiny tears of joy. the littlest reminder from God that even though she isn’t here – she’s with me. she’s proud. and that, my friends, matters to me more than any placement or pic on the pages of a glossy magazine. 

but i'm also learning along the way that it’s okay to be proud of this tiny-but-mighty company that i've created over the past 8 years. i self-consciously err on the side of humility (to a fault) - in fact, i admittedly fear success.  but why would i minimize my God-given purpose in life? we may have “only a staff of five and annual revenues over $1 million” but gosh darn it this (and i quote) “tiny fitness brand” is changing lives. staying small, minimizing our accomplishments, and shrinking in the light of success doesn’t make me look humble – it only holds us back from achieving our mission of inspiring even more people; to change the shape of our world (literally).

we may be tiny. but not for long.
read the article – we’re doing big things.
this is just the beginning.

but don’t for a minute think that i don’t always have my momma’s voice in the back of my head: “don’t get too big for your britches.”

i won’t momma.
i won’t.

but i totally rocked your dress.
like a (girl) boss.

now, off to pack.
i'm thinking this calls for packing mom’s red stilettos in celebration.
and maybe a glass of wine.

with love,

p.s. read the complete article from Entrepreneur Magazine here.

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