12 simple ways to stick to your goals on vacation

let’s be real: no one wants to go on vacay and stress about exercising + food choices the entire time. but chances are, you’ve worked hard all year to get to where you are right now. you don’t wanna lose momentum now, just a few short weeks from summer! that’s why we put together a few relatively effortless tricks you can use to keep yourself in check, while still enjoying your much-deserved time off. nothing crazy - just little moves + sensible snacks that’ll help you feel your best in-between those inevitable vacation indulgences (which you have every right to enjoy completely guilt-free!!). so whether you’re off to relax by the ocean or explore a bustling metropolis, these simple tips are sure to keep that vacay from slowing your goal-getting roll.

at the beach:
the reality is, when you’re on a beach vacation, you’re sure to be logging many hours in a bathing suit. we’re all for pride in our bodies + what they can do, regardless of shape or size, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t more aware of our choices when we know there’s a bikini (or board shorts, gentlemen) in our future. the good news: your goals don’t have to turn with the tide the second you step foot on the sand.

[go for a swim]
ok, so it’s an obvious choice, but swimming is a fantastic low-impact, full-body workout for both strength-training and cardio. it requires no equipment whatsoever, and it’s pretty darn refreshing on a hot, sunny day at the beach.

[towel yoga]
you’ll be lying down anyway - you might as well fit in some quick yoga while you’re at it! yoga not only quiets your mind and relaxes you, it helps stretch those tired muscles and keeps you limber. some of our favorite simple, but effective poses: triangle, downward dog, plank, bridge, warrior 3, boat + chair. not a fan or baring your bum on the beach in downward dog? these are simple moves you can do from the comfort of your hotel room.

[sip up, buttercup]
we cannot possibly stress the importance of adequate hydration enough. it keeps your skin clear….and it keeps you cool, which is especially imperative when you’re hanging out in the hot sun all day. aim to drink half your bodyweight in ounces per day (example: 140 pounds = 70 ounces of agua). having trouble getting it all in thanks to a distaste for plain water? pack your fitfuser water bottle to jazz up your h2o with fruits and fresh herbs that you can easily grab from the hotel's morning breakfast buffet.

[slather on some nut butter]
nut butter packets are a total godsend at the beach. the healthy fats + protein keep you satiated without bloating (because no one wants to feel bloated in a bathing suit!). pair it with fruit - we like apples + bananas in this case, because they’re super portable and require no prep to eat.

on a road trip:
when you’re stuck in a car all day long, you might think fast food and zero mobility are your only options. but surprisingly, there’s still a lot you can do to keep yourself on track!

[booty squeezes]
this is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. squeeze your buttocks, hold a few seconds, release + repeat. aim for a full minute per set. these will keep your posterior niiiice + perky! bonus: if your road trip tunes are stellar, you can even squeeze along to the beat. 

[bathroom break intervals]
anytime you stop to pump gas or take a quick potty break, fit in as many moves as you can for 30 seconds each until it’s time to get back on the road. some of our favorite simple moves that’ll get your heart pumpin’: high knees, squats, lunges, back kicks + tuck jumps. not only will these get your heart rate up, but rest assured it'll keep your from being stiff + sore when you reach your destination.

[pack a cooler]
let’s face it: eating nothing but fast food will not only set you back with your health goals, it’ll also leave you feeling bloated, tired and just plain ick. never a great feeling when you’re holed up in a car for hours on end. our road-trippin’ trick: loading up a cooler with healthy snacks and meals that can easily be eaten on the road. our faves: cut raw veggies + hummus, chopped salads with dressing + toppings on the bottom + greens perched safely on top (so they don’t get all soggy), peeled boiled eggs, fruit + yogurt, and of course, prepped sandwiches or wraps. we love the 6-pack bag for advanced meal preppers, but any ol’ cooler will do the trick.

[book it]
use this time to exercise your mind as well (as long as you're not in the driver's seat, of course)! mindless beach reads are always fun, but we love thought-provoking titles that really get those wheels turnin’. check out a few of our recommends here. not one to read while in motion? opt for the audio version!

in the city:
visiting anywhere will typically mean a lot of eating out (ie, indulging a bit more than you normally would), but when you’re vacationing in a big city, the endless assortment of world-class eateries all but guarantees it. still, there are plenty of opportunities to stick to your goals.

[get your walk on]
surprisingly, a brisk walk is actually pretty great exercise - low-impact, but effective. it boosts your mood + slashes your risk of heart disease. when you walk a city, you’ll easily log at least 10k steps AND take in sights you might not see from a taxicab or subway car. just clip on a simple pedometer to keep track. 

[park bench push-ups]
every single city in the world has park benches. every so often, when you pass one (preferably unoccupied), stop + get in 20 push-ups. it’s a minimal time investment that will add up to big dividends throughout the day.

[don’t forget to journal]
when you explore a big city, there’s much to see + much to do. with so much mental stimulation day after day, it can be easy to forget some of those little details you hope to always remember. set aside a few minutes each evening before bed to jot down a few notes - your gratitudes for the things you saw or experienced that day, the names of your favorite restaurants, suggestions you picked up from locals for tomorrow’s walk through the city. you’ll sleep better, enjoy more mental clarity and be happier in general. and who doesn’t want to be well-rested, clear-headed and happy on vacay?? in the market for a good journal? we love this one. not only can you jot down notes of your day's adventures, but you can log yummy eats + active outings so you can look back later on your adventure!

[stack your snacks]
when you’re walking all day long, you work up an appetite. resist the temptation to duck into every single corner cafe you see whenever hunger strikes by carrying a few healthy snacks along with you to munch on throughout the day. you’ll save moolah, calories + precious exploring time. our favorite, portable snack carrier: our insanely popular snackstak. we love filling each stacking, pre-portioned, leak-proof container with satisfying snackage like olives + nuts + raw veggies + fruit on-the-go.  

what are your go-to tips for goal-getting while on vacation? tell us in the comments below + what travels you have planned. we might just pick one of you to win a vacation-friendly package to keep your goals on check all spring + summer long!

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April 12, 2017

Congrats Lois! You’ve won a goal getter. Thank your for sharing your thoughts! We will be contacting you through email. :)

Maranda Carlson
Maranda Carlson

April 08, 2017

When I’m on vacation I like to check out the hotel fitness equipment and pool and when sightseeing walking is always best.to get q feel for the locale and have time to experience things better than if your sick driving through traffic everywhere you go.


April 05, 2017

Awesome article, I will definetly use some of those tips! What I like is that in big cities there are so many healthy options too choose from nowadays (even fully prepared meals in supermarkets). I always like to check the local groceries to stay on track in another city :)


April 05, 2017

How did you know??? I’ve been working overtime to get things done before my short vaca and haven’t hit the gym all week. I don’t want to lose my exercise momentum I had before!!! Unfortunately my vaca is a sit-most-of -time trip. I want to hit the ground running when I get back and NOT be lazy as I have so many times in the past that my momentum has paused. Obviously I’m concerned because I just rambled away!! ;-}

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