12 things to ditch by 2019

October 01, 2018


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believe it or not, we have just 12 weeks before the new year is upon us. that means we have 12 weeks to usher out the year with a bang. how fantastic would it feel to begin 2019 without that typical rush to make good on some new year’s resolution? that’s why we’ve devised our own little 12-week plan to start inching our way toward a strong start in 2019, one weekly goal at a time. and luckily, we have our limited-edition fitbook PINK (which just happens to be 12 weeks long) to help guide us through. wanna be your best self by january 1? here's a week-by-week guide with 12 things we think it’s time to ditch before 2019.

1 [feeling lost in the gym]
don’t let the boys hog the weight room! not sure what to do with all those machines + free weights? let this be the year you finally figure it out!
this week’s goal: schedule a session with a trainer at your gym and have them show you once + for all the proper way to use all that equipment. they can even set you up with a personalized circuit you can use to reach your fitness goals.

2 [negative self-talk]
this is one to stop like yesterday. no one is a bigger critic of you than, well, yourself. great rule of thumb: never say anything about yourself you wouldn’t say about your best friend. would you tell your best friend she’s stupid? nope. would you relentlessly criticize your best friend’s body? you bet your booty you wouldn’t. you’re supposed to be your own best friend, so don’t talk to yourself that way either.
this week’s goal: any time you catch yourself mid-diss, jot down positive thoughts in your gratitude journal - gratitudes, things you love about yourself, accomplishments you’re proud of. you might even consider deterrent techniques as well, such as wearing a rubber band around your wrist and snapping it anytime you talk down to yourself.   

3 [the scale]
body scale, that is. obviously, maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for optimum health and avoiding chronic illness, but the number on the scale is not the end-all, be-all. there are a million different stats more crucial to your overall health than pounds alone - blood pressure, water consumption, hours of sleep. 
this week’s goal: don’t step foot on the scale at all this week. instead, consider dusting off your food scale to dial in your portions, which will ultimately nudge you closer to your goals anyway!

4 [caring what other people think]
of course we want people to like us - that’s a given. but when other people’s opinions influence how you’re living your life, it’s time to give this one the heave-ho. news flash: you’ll never please everyone, no matter what decision you make. plus, the reality is that most people aren’t really paying very much attention to the things you think they are, like your shoes or that pimple that just popped up. remember, in the end, you are the one who has to live with the consequences of your choices, so make sure those choices are made for you.
this week’s goal: this one’s pretty simple. journal ways that you know you need to let go of other people's opinions. reflect on that to gain some personal freedom.

5 [excess stress]
stress is, without a doubt, one of the most sinister causes of chronic illness, because you often have no clue how bad it really is until you’re having big problems like chronic fatigue or hormonal or fertility issues. effects range from headaches + insomnia to depression + high blood pressure.
this week’s goal: devote time - at least 10 minutes - to stress-relief each + every day, through things like meditation and gratitude journaling. people who meditate and/or journal their gratitudes sleep better, are at a lower risk for depression and heart attack, and tend to have stronger relationships.

6 [fad diets]
there’s a famous quote by michael pollan: “eat food. not too much. mostly plants.” we like it. we like it because it’s simple. it’s not overly restrictive or complicated or listing out a million rules or setting us up for failure. it’s a general blueprint we can use to guide our eating habits in such a way that we approach it as a long-haul lifestyle, not a short-term punishment until we reach a certain arbitrary goal.
this week’s goal: no restrictive dieting, of course. practice sensible eating. view your meals as investing in a bank account. you want to save (nourishing foods that keep your body working optimally) more than you splurge (those indulgences that don’t do much for your waistline, but sure do feed your soul), so go heavy on whole, nutritious foods (savings), and then if you want a cookie (splurge), have one, not 10.  a great way to gain insight into your habits: try food journaling

7 [staying up late]
this is one that you probably don’t even realize is sabotaging your health goals. aside from not giving your body the rest it needs, not getting adequate sleep floods your body with three different hormones that specialize in making all kinds of trouble - from making you eat more to encouraging body-fat storage.
this week’s goal: get to bed early enough each night to get in at least 8 hours. set an alarm to remind you to go to bed so you have no excuses. your fitbook even has a spot in each + every entry to log your zzz’s.

8  [self-doubt]
someone once said that doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. self-doubt will instill enough fear to keep you from even trying at something - even something you know you’re good at. it’s time to leave self-doubt in the dust + see what can happen. failure is not fatal. you can always try again + again until you get it right.
this week’s goal: the next time you decide you want to try something, start taking the steps to actually do it. don’t give yourself time for the doubt to creep in. if you’ve been wanting to start a blog, reserve the domain name. right now. go for what you want.  

9 [daily takeout]
one of the simplest things you can do to improve your health: cook your own food. you can completely control the ingredients, so it eliminates excess salt, fat, sugar and preservatives, not to mention it saves you mucho moolah over time.
this week’s goal: make a (meal) plan + stick to it all week - it’ll help you avoid last-minute takeout. use our eat fit kit to plan out all your meals in advance, prep on sunday, then enjoy the fruits of your labor all week long.  

10 [living paycheck to paycheck]
just think about how much better you’d feel knowing you have a little wiggle room each month. maybe you just want a nice cushion in case you have an unexpected repair; perhaps you need to take it one step further and save up enough for a down-payment on a new home; maybe you want enough to go on a dream trip; it might even be time to start thinking about retirement funds (because it’s never too early to think about this). you might be surprised how much you can save if you really try.  
this week’s goal: set your overall savings goal for the year, then figure out how much you need to save per week to get there. whatever the ultimate goal, set an applicable amount to go straight into savings each + every week. you can even use this goal getter grid to break your goal down into monthly baby steps. looking for ways to save? nix unnecessary purchases, consider cutting cable (who needs cable when you’ve got netflix??), sell gently used clothing online. there are tons of baby steps toward savings that can add up big.

11 [dehydration]
adequate hydration is a must for good digestion, healthy skin and ample energy. but how much is enough? do you know how much water you should be downing each day? figuring it out is simple. just take your body-weight, divide it in half + aim for that many ounces of water daily. (example: 160 pounds = 80 ounces water)
this week’s goal: commit to hit your hydration goals every single day this week by carrying a water bottle around with you at all times (we like this one - you can even use the hair bands to help you keep track of how many refills you’ve made). make sure you keep count of your ounces with the handy-dandy water tracker in your fitbook or daily flex planner.  

12 [putting yourself last]
it’s a common theme, especially among women, to take care of everyone else’s wants + needs before their own. you make think this is the best way to operate, but in the long run, if you burn the candle at both ends + don’t ever pause to rest + replenish yourself, you won’t have anything left to give. think of it like an airplane. when there’s an emergency, they always tell you to put your oxygen mask on first, then help others.
this week’s goal: set aside a little time each day, even if just 10 or 15 minutes, to focus on whatever it is you need to relax + recharge. a warm bath, a cup of tea, a face mask, it doesn’t have to be big, just whatever it takes to make you feel reinvigorated. track how many times you keep this commitment using our daily habit tracker in our planner.

ready to ditch it all week-by-week by 2019? anything we missed on our list? let us know in the comments! need a brand new, limited edition fitbook PINK to help you along? click here to secure yours before they’re gone! even better: $4 from each sale of fitbook PINK goes straight to the Avon Foundation, a charity dedicated to supporting women + eradicating breast cancer.

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