4 ways to celebrate bike-to-work week (no bike required)

did you know that it’s bike-to-work week? like right now, as we speak?? pretty great idea if you ask us - kicks the day off right with a little cardio, it’s better for the environment, and parking is a breeze! our chief fitlosopher saddles up + celebrates bike to work day every morning on her way to work (in a coffee shop)! but biking to work isn’t a plausible option for everyone - maybe you don’t own a bike, your commute is too long, or you have to hop on the highway to get there...and the thought of pedaling frantically alongside pick-up trucks doin’ 80 mph is less than appealing. you shouldn’t have to miss out on all the healthy fun just because you’re a little road-weary.

worry not, fit friends, we’ve got ya covered with a few of our favorite tips for bringin’ the wellness to work, even if you didn’t bike there.

[take a lap] or two. you know those little 10-minute social-media breaks you squeeze in in the middle of the day? why not skip the insta-stalking + head outside for a few laps around the office building instead?? you’ll get some fresh air, recharge your batteries + sneak in a little cardio. bonus: enlist an office buddy to walk the walk with you - you’ll hold each other accountable + get in a little live face-time while catching up on all the office gossip. wanna fit in a little strength-training too? try our two simple deskercise moves to build up those muscles while you work.

[brown-bag it] or in our case, blue-plate it. bringing your lunch to work not only saves money (a cool grand on average per year, actually), it saves you some maaaaaajor calories (200, if you’re counting). and since you make it yourself, you have complete control over the quality and ingredients, so you’re all but guaranteed a more nutritious meal. bonus: you can use the time you’re saving not standing in line at chipotle to try some of that deskercise we talked about. and homemade lunches need not be boring. need lunchspiration? try one of our fave fitportion combos.

[quench your thirst] studies have shown that people who drink 16 oz of water before each meal lose five pounds more than those who don't. but the benefits of sufficient hydration extend far beyond weight-loss. adequate h2o consumption fuels your muscles, boosts your concentration, keeps your skin clear, fights fatigue + keeps your digestion moving right along, if ya know what we mean (wink, wink). not feelin’ plain water? give our fitfuser water bottle a go - just fill the infuser insert with your fave fruits + herbs (we love strawberry + mint) + guzzle away!

[avoid the snack attack] midday snack attacks are real, people! if you’ve ever worked in an office, chances are you know this cruel fact of life all-too-well. three o’clock rolls around + you find yourself mindlessly wandering into the break room, picking through the remnants of that morning’s staff meeting donut-platter like some kind of ravenous snack zombie. we’ve all been there. but there is hope. the solution? stock up on healthy snacks that will keep you satiated + nourished throughout the day. this way, you can avoid desperation-induced binge snacking + stick to your health + fitness goals. tip: get a nifty container that will hold all those carrot sticks + nut mixes in one convenient little snackage. (we crack ourselves up over here.) here are some ideas to stash snacks to keep your metabolism hummin' all day long. 

so there ya have it - four simple + effective ways you can honor bike-to-work week, even if you find yourself sans bike. have bike, will ride? connect with other biking buffs in your area at The League of American Bicyclists. how will you celebrate? let us know in the comments below! 

p.s. wanna know something? our chief fitlosopher totally wrecked her brand new bike while filming a bike-to-work-day snapchat for y'all. see how much she loves you? find "fitbook" to follow her snaps + spills. 

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Amelia @ eating made easy
Amelia @ eating made easy

May 23, 2016

this is so awesome and so touching, Angela! Congratulations, girl – and keep up the fabulous work!

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