bless your heart: 4 ways to prevent a stroke

did you know that may is stroke awareness month? through our fitgiving partnership with the American Heart Association, we are proud to have gifted the AHA with over $30,000 in cash + product donations to go toward research that will directly boost heart health, and hopefully make preventable stroke a thing of the past.

(get this.) stroke is the number five cause of death, killing one american every four minutes - and the leading cause of disability in the U.S.  so...we heart you - and want you to avoid this at all costs. part of that is learning to recognize the symptoms, which can mean the difference between life + death.

just remember to think FAST: if you experience Face drooping or Arm weakness or Slurred speech it’s Time to call 9-1-1. the good news: 80% of strokes are preventable just by making a few simple lifestyle changes.

here are 4 (research-backed) ways to prevent a stroke (fitlosophy style):

[move 30] at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity, five days per week can go a long way toward lowering your stroke risk. how? well, moving more leads to weight loss + lower blood pressure, both giant leaps toward preventing stroke. need help keeping track of all those sweat sessions? use fitbook lite to ease yourself into a healthier lifestyle with four little tweaks to help you lose five pounds in six weeks. this is one heavy-hitting lightweight!

[drink in moderation] great news for all you wine connoisseurs: drinking can actually help lower your risk of stroke...but only in moderation. one serving per day is all you need (5 oz of wine, 12 oz of beer, 1.5 oz of hard liquor) - any more than two drinks per day, and your risk for stroke actually jumps dramatically. red wine is your best bet, as it packs a hefty dose of heart-healthy resveratrol. need to know how your drinks measure up? use a food scale for reliable portion-control to rein in your pours.

[lose weight] this isn’t just about that number on the scale. in fact, we're fans of tossing the scale altogether! however, obesity increases your stroke risk exponentially, so maintaining a healthy weight, as well as a healthy body composition (the proportion of fat to non-fat mass in your body) is crucial for prevention. no idea what a health body fat range is? our little red fit tools kit has gotcha covered!

[eat 5] three out of four stroke victims have high blood pressure, so by lowering your blood pressure into a healthy range, you slash your risk of stroke dramatically. one simple way to do this: eat plenty of fresh fruits + veggies. in fact, researchers have found that for every 200 grams of fruit consumed daily, stroke risk decreased by 32%, and for every 200 grams of veggies consumed daily, stroke risk decreased by 11%. need some ideas to fit more fruits + veggies into your daily diet? try this blueberry smoothie + greek yogurt parfait or these kale chips.

want more information on preventing stroke? visit the American Stroke Association (a division of American Heart Association) for statistics, tips and info on how you can get involved.

have you or a loved one been impacted by stroke? comment below + tell us which of these tips above you can embrace to lower your risk!

with all our heart,
the fitlosophy fam

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