on a kondo kick? here are 6 ways tidy up your health.

wanna get a jump on that spring cleaning, marie kondo style? in case you’ve been living under a rock, marie kondo is the author of the bestselling book the life-changing magic of tidying up + star of the netflix show tidying up with marie kondo. she’s made it her life’s work to help us declutter + re-organize our living spaces by showing us how to rid ourselves of the things that no longer serve us + hang on to only the things that spark our joy.

take our kondo-ing clean-up challenge to healthify your space in just one short week. no stress, no scrambling to finish it all in 24 hours, just one little targeted area to tackle each day.


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5 creative recipes to sneak in your greens

if you’re like us, it’s not always easy to get all your greens in. there are only so many salads you can eat in a week, amirite?? that’s why we’re always on the hunt for new ways to incorporate verdant veggies.

visit the blog for five forest-hued concoctions that do 
not disappoint.  


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got girl power? 15 inspiring quotes from women who rock.

ginger rogers once said of her famous dancing partner fred astaire, “i did everything he did, backwards + in heels.” no disrespect to the fellas, but when it comes to achievements, we women not only get it done; we do it in style. that’s why we combed through some of our favorite fitlosophy goods to bring you a power-packed list of feel-good quotes from some fab females.  

sashay on over to the blog to celebrate the strength of your fellow femmes, with quotes that’ll give you all the girl-power feels!


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how this goal getter dietitian manages stress through journaling

not all #fabfitbookers are weight-loss success stories. in fact, some aren’t aiming for weight-loss as their major goal at all. take taylor, for example. taylor is a registered dietitian who knows firsthand how much stress can affect everything from your diet to your mood. she sees it each + every day with her patients. so what’s a stress-case to do when life happens, but there are still goals to be gotten? rise to the challenge, of course! the 6-week stress management challenge, that is - starring none other than our goal getter fitspiration journal.

get the skinny on her stress management program + weigh in on the topic of stress over on the blog.

GET THE 411.

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looking for a cleaner vino? we uncork the truth.

good news: the farm-to-table movement isn’t just for food anymore. in fact, it’s now spreading to the beauty market, health + wellness products, and even - be still our chief fitlosopher’s heart - wine! and BONUS: it’s american heart month! and what better excuse to enjoy a glass of wine than in the name of heart health? so for this month’s been there tried that installment, we thought we’d take one for the team and have a little “clean” wine tasting. on a random wednesday afternoon. hey, it’s 5 o'clock somewhere.

pop on over to the blog for the real deal with clean wine.


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need a plan this valentine's? try one of these 5 healthy twists.

valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love - whether that love is a longtime spouse or a lifelong pal. (hey, galentine’s day is a thing for good reason.) and what better way to do it than go sit at a crowded restaurant + pay major moolah for a snooty prix fixe dinner? yeah, totally kidding. we’ve actually thought of several things that are way better - five, to be exact!

check out the blog for five valentine's day ideas that'll up your health for heart day + make you + your sweetie smile. 


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on whole30? 3 healthy recipes to up your super bowl snack game.

in the midst of a successful round of Whole30? congrats, keep it up! or perhaps you just crushed the #januarywhole30. woo hoo, yay you!! the problem? two words: super bowl. don’t make the mistake of thinking you can go hog-wild at that junk-laden buffet table without consequences. not only will you feel awful, but if you know anything about Whole30, reintroduction is a vital part of the process. that said, you wanna be smart come super bowl sunday - but there's no need to feel like you’re missing out entirely. that's why we came up with a few game day recipes that’ll satisfy your junk-food cravings without sacrificing gastrointestinal comfort.  

check out the blog for 3 Whole30-compliant game day dishes both you + your digestive tract will love.  


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wanna get those goals? 4 reasons why accountability works.

research has shown that people are 76% more likely to meet a goal after committing to an accountability buddy. even more impressive: their chances of success increase to 95% when they commit to regular, ongoing meetings with their accountability buddy to keep an eye on their progress. this is exactly why we created an accountability group for our 6-week COMEBACK members on facebook - to provide a forum where COMEBACKers can check in, compare notes + cheer each other on toward their individual goals.

check out the blog for 4 reasons why the accountability group that the COMEBACK offers really works.

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want a fun workout that feels easy, but works those muscles? jump on this.

between our dabblings in goat yoga + ice-cold workouts, you never know what we're up to next. but this month’s undertaking was possibly our favorite been there, tried that thus far: bungee!

leap on over to the blog to find out what happened when we tried a bungee workout class that had us bouncing off the walls - literally.

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the ultimate whole30 guide (especially if you wanna start mid-month)

happy new year, all you gorgeous goal getters! every year, we watch somewhat amused as everyone rushes to set resolutions come january 1st. our chief fitlosopher's issue with new year’s resolutions (not a fan) or even programs that start on january 1 is 1) her ocd self can’t stand when programs start on any other day than monday, and 2) with a birthday on the 12th, she's definitely not skipping wine (or cake) to stick to some "rule". that said, she did want to start out 2019 with a round of Whole30. so what’s a wine-loving birthday girl to do? mold a Whole30 around HER schedule, which means a mid-month kick-off. 

check out the blog to find out how we're handling whole30 when we weren't quite ready come new year's day.


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