we all have our habits. humans are, after all, creatures of habit. we find comfort in knowing what to expect. some habits, like flossing or never missing a workout, are a boon to our intrinsic need to better ourselves. others, like turning to our main men ben + jerry after a bad date, are just plain destructive.

check out the blog for 5 habits we challenge you to break like NOW.


when you’re in the business of fitness, you’ve been around the block a time or two when it comes to protein powders. we’ve tried ‘em all: whey, pea, brown rice...you name it, it's been in our fitfuel mixer.

check out the blog to see what happened when we switched up our protein game with a little collagen.


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we can either dwell on what we cannot do, or we can focus our efforts on what we can control. and that is precisely what #fitbook21 is all about. it's about creating healthy habits + stopping not-so-healthy habits for 21 days. 

read on to see why our chief fitlosopher is giving up her beloved OG fitbook for three whole weeks + find out which habits she wants to break and which habits she's looking to make.


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got big goals for 2017? allow us to up the ante with some sparkly new gear to ignite some serious goal-getting. meet the latest addition to the fitlosophy family: the fitmat. not only is it adorable - but it's NOW available for a limited time only at Target stores nationwide! 

WARNING: use with caution - side effects of our cushy, new fitmat include a maaaaaajor case of fitspiration perspiration. you've been warned! 

give all 3 a gander + check out our 5 fave exercises to break it in.

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hey, my goal getters…happy NEW year! anybody else overwhelmed with the chaos that ensues come january?

“organize your life!”
“new year, new YOU!”
“lose weight in just 3 days!"
“set goals now or forever hold your peace!”

lose those lofty resolutions + set some goals. but here's the thing: you can’t reach a big goal if you don’t FIRST make incremental, sustainable changes that are (
keyword) consistent. enter fitbook TWENTY-ONE. it’s a bite-size approach to making healthy habit changes for 21 days straight.

join our 21-day habit-changing, goal-getting program + learn how to replace your not-so-healthy habits with better ones in just three weeks!


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we don’t limit our goal-getting solely to january here at fitlosophy, nor do we limit our goal-setting to just weight-loss. in fact, we preach the many virtues of setting goals in all aspects of life all year long - not because it spikes sales come january 1st, but because it just works.

this year, instead of resolutions we're bound to drop by valentine's day, why not go for goals instead?? 


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our chief fitlosopher has made her love of both chocolate and wine no big secret. so when we heard about this year’s (literally) hottest holiday cocktail - a magical merging of creamy hot chocolate and bold red wine, we had to give it a whirl!

check out our fitlosophized red wine hot chocolate - the perfect cozy cocktail for your next evening in, curled up by the fire.


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it’s the most wonderful time of the year!
yes, we know that gifts are not the Reason for the season, but it's a total bonus. which is why we're bringing you a gift guide packed with fit finds for anyone on your list. (or you!) anybody else partake in the "one for them, one for me" approach to shopping? well, beware: this list just might inspire you to stock up on fit gifts so you're geared up to get YOUR goals come 2017 too!

join us as we count down 12 days of fitmas, complete with special savings on ALL fitlosophy goods...and partner products as well!


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the indisputable fact is, water is life. comprising about 60% of your body composition, h2o is so absolutely crucial to good health that you should be drinking half your body-weight in ounces per day. not guzzling nearly enough?

check out these 3 winter water combos that’ll keep you drinkin’ in a winter waterland allllll season long!


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it's small business saturday. the one day of the year when holiday shoppers are encouraged to #shopsmall to show small-town businesses some big-time love! raised in the-middle-of-nowhere rural colorado, we caught up with our chief fitlosopher to pick her brain about what it's like to be a #girlboss who runs a small business that employs a team of (you guessed it) 5 fabulous females.

find out what it's like being a woman in small (but mighty) biz.


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