if there’s one thing that gets us excited for fall, it’s pumpkin spice season! but when you’re smack-dab in the middle of whole30, the standard syrupy sweet, frothy pumpkin spice latte just won’t do. 

that’s why we came up with 4 recipes to partake in pumpkin spice. 
get ready to spice up your sides with vitamin-packed pumpkin recipes that are perfectly paleo + whole30-approved.

get the recipes - on the blog!

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prepare to be inspired. when we first met megan, she was fresh off a fitbook-induced 60-pound weight-loss. 60lbs turned to 70...then 80...and counting. now, not only has this heart-disease survivor's inspiring transformation been featured in national publications, but she recently took on (and crushed) her first round of whole30, inspired by none other than our chief fitlosopher! 

find out how her now 88lb weight loss and countless non-scale-victories have changed her life, resulting in a new-found food freedom. and you'll never guess what's next on her goal-getting list!

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think you've got what it takes to don a bikini + take the stage? first, get our top 5 tips for competing.

then join us as we wish our fit friend, co-creator of our fitbook PREP competition journal + 4X figure olympia champ nicole wilkins best of luck in her #drivefor5 at olympia tomorrow!

want to win a signed copy of fitbook PREP? 
head to the blog to find out how. 

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who said back-to-school shopping is just for the kiddos?  find out how we do back-to-school, fitlosophy-style.

just because we’ve graduated from grade-school, doesn’t mean we can’t still stock up on some back-to-school basics for a little grown-up goal-getting of our own.

save 20% through 09.14.16 with promo code BACK2SCHOOL only @ getfitbook.com. get the deets on the blog! 

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whole30 success is all about planning ahead, especially when you’re busy + perpetually short on time (like our chief fitlosopher). maximize your chances of whole30 success by employing a few simple tricks of our chief fitlosopher’s whole30 trade (hello, kombucha in a wine glass). 

check out the blog for her top 13 hacks to make whole30 easier + breezier + all but failproof.

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curious about whole30? not quite ready to commit? well, look no further. get our chief fitlosopher's top tips as she rallies fitbookers to join her for #septemberwhole30 (which starts tomorrow) - plus quick whole30-approved recipes, meal prep tips, healthy options to kick sugar cravings + more.

PLUS: enter to win our #whole30giveaway: a copy of the whole30 cookbook + fitbook lite to kickstart your #septemberwhole30!  then, find out how you can win a $100 gift card to shop 'til you drop. there's a catch: you have to COMMIT to whole30.

do it - what are you waiting for?





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you voted, we listened. now, take a peek at the NEW fitbook TNT which gives 20% of proceeds to Team In Training + Leukemia Lymphoma Society for blood cancer awareness month. created in memory of my momma who we lost to leukemia in 2013, this sassy yet classy (just like her!) fitbook is available only through the month of september. and hustle up - there are only 50!

visit the blog to find out how fitlosophy is helping in the fight for a cure.

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it’s august 30th and herein lies my dilemma, as i near the end of my second whole30: when (and will) i stop? i won’t. #cantstopwontstop (yet).  

here’s where you can relate, my fitbookers: 90 days = 1 fitbook or 2 fitbook lites, so stopping at whole60 is just nonsense. and so onward, whole90 it is! 

i blame the brilliant marketing behind  #septemberwhole30, which starts on labor day (09/05) – obviously a monday, duh.

find out what whole30 is - then commit to join me 
for #septemberwhole30 (like, NOW). then check back monday (labor day) for my go-to whole30 recipes, a giveaway + more! 

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who doesn't love a hot slice of toast? that is, unless you're going against the grain(s), practicing paleo, side-stepping sugar, or smack-dab in the middle of whole30à la our goal-getting chief fitlosopher. solution: find a new way to have our toast (and eat it too)!

enter: sweet potato toast. that’s right, you read that correctly - toast made from a sweet potato. nothing else, nada, zilch. no flour, no preservatives, no added sugars. 

on the blog now: 3 recipes for perfectly paleo sweet potato toast recipes

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one thing our chief fitlosopher knows all-too-well from her many years in the health + fitness entrepreneurial trenches: hitting a wall is inevitable. this holds true in life, in business, in fitness. when our chief fitlosopher sat down with Inc. Magazine recently, she talked about the parallels between olympic sports and running a a successful business. 

find out 5 things olympic athletes do (that you should be doing too) that will help you push through those walls and up your life game.

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