after a fun-filled summer, 9-year-old jack was having a rough time transitioning back into school mode. not only was he suffering from the typical back-to-school brain fog, he had also started a new school, which meant he was missing all his old friends + taking out his frustrations on his family. he was in major need of an attitude adjustment.

the good news: kids will do just about anything for a reward! check out the blog to find out what 7 things happened when jack journaled in his attitude-adjusting, goal-getting, healthy-habit-making fitbook junior for just 30 days.  


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feeling inspired to get your kiddos in the kitchen?  other than it being super useful, turns out that getting your pint-sized helpers involved in mealtime actually leads to them making healthier food choices as well!  even children as young as 2 or 3 can make meaningful contributions to mealtimes with little jobs like stirring, setting the table + rinsing the produce. getting them involved in the process now - while often more of a chore for you at this stage in the game - will definitely pay off later! not sure where to start? we've got an age-appropriate guide to get you started + a kid-friendly recipe to give it a go!

check out the blog for 4 fantastic reasons to get your kids in the kitchen today.


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pregnancy is no cake-walk. granted, there might be cake consumption involved, but bakin’ up a little baby bun in that oven is a lot of work. and after two loooong, but relatively breezy trimesters, our resident mama-to-be, laura (aka our marketing + community creator), is finally in the home stretch of her pregnancy. 

belly up to the blog to find out how she’s fared these past 3 months since our last check-in for a trimester two update. 


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can't take the heat? while we may be knockin’ on autumn’s door, these last few days of summer are still just as sweltering as ever, so we’re not exactly clamoring to fire up the oven or stand watch over a hot grill flipping burgers.

get our 5-ingredient recipes  - no ovens or grills required - so you can enjoy the last lazy days of summer, stress-free + sans sweating over the stove. 


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jen has always been athletic, but as an overweight kid, she struggled with bullying growing up. as the teasing worsened, she channeled her upset into something positive - nurturing her own health and well-being, making small, but meaningful changes like serving up proper portions and cutting out soda. when she started seeing progress, she felt the boost of confidence she needed to start hitting the gym. then a friend introduced her to fitbook.

check out the blog to find out how this young girl battled bullying to build strong biceps. 


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disclaimer: this isn’t a how-to for setting goals. you know how to plan + prep. you know paper rocks. you’re probably ultra-organized + more than likely, your habits are on point too. but even the most fab fitbookers need to have a few tactics in their goal-getting arsenal to up their game.

check out the blog to snag 5 (proven) ways to stick to your goals!


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coloring: it's not just for the kids anymore. who else has lovely memories of cracking open a fresh new box of crayolas as kid? or sharpening those new #2 pencils to a perfect point? well, the good news is that the very on-trend activity of adult coloring is not only insanely enjoyable, but it has a plethora of health benefits as well - such as slashing stress.

so, leave it to us to launch a limited-edition #adultcoloring fitbookfeaturing a cover for you to channel your creative side, with the same 12-week goal-setting pages you know + love. 

check out the blog for 4 ways adult coloring books slash your stress + improve your life.


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back-to-school for kiddos means back to goal-gettin' for mama. but let’s face it, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. switching up your routine from the lazy days of summer to early-morning carpools requires some forethought to execute seamlessly. getting your ducks in a row is key - otherwise stress takes over. and that's never good for anyone. 

check out the blog for 3 little things you should be doing every day to stay sane + organized during back-to-school brouhaha.


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chances are you've probably heard about intermittent fasting a time or two in recent months. why? because it’s everyyyyyyywhere!! and of course, we consider it our duty to report on all the latest trends in health + fitness. that’s why for this edition of been there, tried that, we sat down with our fitlosophy's resident foodie + blog editor katy, who has been practicing intermittent fasting herself. get an inside look at this nutrition trend to see how it's connected to inflammation, weight loss + so much more, sans deprivation. 

check out the blog for the unedited scoop.

GET THE 411.

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it’s fitbook’s 9th birthday. and on my long to-do list this past week was “write a blog.” but not just any blog; something insightful, meaningful, and worthy of my baby’s b-day. you know those moms who stress over throwing the most elaborate, perfect birthday party, complete with grosgrain ribbon-wrapped cake pops, hand-lettered invitations, and a fairytale-like little pony…for a 2-year old?? well, that would be me. but it’s for a book. albeit, my life’s work + thus far my passion-driven purpose in life, but still…my baby is a (fit)book.

and yet, we’re on day 9 of my beloved’s birthday – and no blog...until now. why? because i personally put the “pro” in procrastination – i've done this for 9 years (actually, my entire life) and so far, so good. 

visit the blog now to find out our chief fitlosopher's 9 reasons why procrastinating works.
unless you'd rather wait 'til later.


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