wanna train like an olympian? try these 5 workout moves.

are we the only ones who have olympic fever?? in fact, on any given night these past several days, you might’ve found us sock-clad on the hardwood floors practicing our triple sow cows. (don’t act like you haven’t done it too.) and while it may be challenging to find a local bobsled track, we can at least train like olympians at home! bonus: this do-anywhere workout is hotel-room friendly too.

skate on over to the blog to score a few simple + effective workout moves inspired by the winter games. 


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#fabfitbookers laura + keegan: bounce back after baby

we’ve been keeping up with our marketing + community coordinator, laura, throughout her pregnancy. we were with her as she battled first-trimester nausea, watched as she breezed through her second trimester, and beamed with pride as she ended her third + final trimester by delivering a beautiful baby boy!

check out the blog to find out how, now a couple months into motherhood, laura is faring in all things post-partum + how she’s bouncing back after baby. hint: hubby’s joined in too!


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not feelin' valentine's? gather your gal pals for a sweet galentine's day.

you know what they say: fries before guys. we’re not slamming valentine’s day, but not all of us have a significant other to couple up with come february 14th. and even if you do have a longtime love, who couldn’t use a night with the girls every now + then??

visit the blog to take a peek at our complete guide for the ultimate galentine's day, including a bachelor workout, girl-power playlist, sweet chocolate recipes infused with vino +  even a paper-loving party night for you and gal pals!


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wanna treat yo self? fall in love with these 5 health(ier) chocolate sweets.

let’s talk about self-love. when’s the last time you did something nice for yourself? drew a little bubble bath, took some “me time” to read a good book with a glass of vino, whipped yourself up a lil somethin’ sweet? it’s been a while, huh? us too. so in the spirit of practicing what we preach, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite health(ier) chocolate treats.

check out the blog for 5 treats guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth + your self-care quota in one fell swoop! 


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ever tried peloton? we took this home workout app for a spin + we're obsessed.

our resident been there, tried that guinea pig katy is here to take you for another spin - pun fully intended. the first time katy set foot in an indoor cycling class, it was a mixture of excitement, intimidation and, quite frankly, fear. by the time the class ended, she was happily drenched in sweat, albeit even more painfully aware of her inability to simultaneously ride a spin bike and nail simple choreography set to only the hippest of pop hits. she thought to herself that if only i could find some way to cycle from home, she’d be set.

ride on over to the blog to find out what happened when katy discovered the peloton app + all her at-home spin dreams came true.


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smarten up your super bowl with these 5 healthier snacks

let’s just be honest: super bowl is synonymous with snacks at this point. and they’re not necessarily always the smartest snacks either. but that’s not how it has to be! we took the liberty of rounding up a few of our favorite healthy snacks from blogs past for your super bowl satiation.

bonus: we've got a commercial-break workout to up the ante + fit in a sweat sesh.

go long + rush on over to the blog to score 5 snack recipes + 1 super bowl workout .


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4 protein-rich sweet treats that will satisfy sans sugar crash

let's be honest: we all get cravings for a sweet treat here + there. whether you wake up craving pancakes, end your workouts jonesing for a sweet snack, or finish up your dinner with a yearning for chocolate, we’ve got the treats that’ll satisfy that sweet tooth.

check out the blog for 4 protein-rich recipes to sweeten your day from morning to night, sans sugar crash.


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the one workout you’ll want to do (si-do) every day

what terrifying task had our been there, tried that guinea pig shaking in her boots? two words: Zumba Country. unlike our country-music-crazed, line-dance-loving, down-home country girl (and square-dancing, barrel-racing, rodeo princess...yes, you read that right) of a chief fitlosopher, katy was a wee bit apprehensive to don a pair of boots + get her do-si-do on. bonus: we have video footage, y'all!

find out what happened when katy booted up (ok, she did it in sneakers, but still...) + hoed down.


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how will you #sticktoit in 2018?

studies show that a paltry 8% of people actually stick to their new year’s resolutions. why? our theory has always been that the resolutions themselves are too lofty. think about it: you’d never build a house without a blueprint. why would you expect to crush life goals without laying down the framework first? the key is to design your daily routine in such a way that sticking to your goals is a relatively simple, painless process.  that said, new year's is inevitably a natural opportunity to revisit goals, home in on your habits + put plans in place for progress. 

check out the blog for 5 tips that will help you build out your daily blueprint + set you up to stick to those goals.  


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ringing in a dry new year? 3 festive mocktails to sip (or spike).

not everyone drinks, but on new year's eve, some of us still want a sparkling sip in-hand when the ball drops. that’s why we felt it our duty to come up with three suitable, albeit slightly less buzzy, alternatives.  tying one on with guests who like their drinks a wee bit stronger? we've got options for each to add a shot!

check out the blog for 3 festive mocktails that’ll get you through new year's eve with a drink in your hand + your health goals intact.


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