happy earth day, fitbookers! ok, so yes, we are paper people, but we’ve definitely got a few tricks up our responsibly sourced, organic cotton sleeves for taking good care of mother earth. like, did you know that our beloved fitbook is printed on 50% recycled paper? yeah, we're awesome like that.

check out the blog for 
5 more healthy habits to do your part + show mother earth some love on earth day - and every day!

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let's face it, tax season can definitely be a drag. but, this tedious task does have one awesome silver (or should we call it green?) lining: a little extra moolah for your spending pleasure. and what better way to spend your hard-earned cash than by reinvesting it in your own health?

check out the blog for a few of our favorite healthy ways to use your tax refund this year.

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ok, so it may be easter, but carrots aren’t just for bunnies. not only are they loaded with beta carotene for healthy skin and eyes, full of phytonutrients that help promote colon health, and packed with carotenoids to help regulate blood sugar, they even kill icky germs in the mouth to help prevent tooth decay.

carrot all to hear more? check out the blog for 3 of our favorite carrot creations to perk up your easter brunch.  


summer’s comin’ in hot here pretty soon, which means we tend to start fine-tuning in the tone-up department. in a perfect world, we’d be bikini ready 24/7, 365. but we prefer being real over appearing perfect. and the reality is, we do the best we can, but just like anyone, we sometimes hit plateaus, or indulge a little too much, or get too busy to fit in all of our regular workouts. but let’s be honest - the thought of spending a prolonged period of time in skimpy summer clothes or a swimsuit definitely motivates us to turn up the heat on our fitness routines.

check out the blog to find out what our chief fitlosopher swears by to sweat it out for summer. [hint: she shares all her fave fitness finds that ClassPass has to offer!]


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let’s be real: no one wants to go on vacay and worry about exercising + food choices the entire time. but chances are, you’ve worked hard all year to get to where you are right now. you don’t wanna lose momentum now, just a few short weeks from summer! that’s why we put together a few relatively effortless tricks you can use to keep yourself in check, while still enjoying your break.

check out the blog for a few sensible tips that’ll help
 keep that vacay from slowing your goal-getting roll.


ok, so we realize that not everyone is a big basketball fan, but the NCAA finals are coming up, so we’ll take any excuse we can get to partake in some themed snacks! especially when they're healthy + look like tiny basketballs.

whether you’re on or off the court, our peanut butter + coconut protein balls are definitely a slam dunk!


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hello spring! which means, it’s march madness time. and you don’t have to love basketball to get in on the action! personally, we’re just using it as an excuse to shower our fitbooking fam with some mad deals. (see what we did there?) regardless, we do love trying new workouts. and what better way to pay homage to this annual fan frenzy than with a few moves the pros swear by for prime conditioning?

check out the blog for 4 basketball drills to get you mad fit.


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after struggling with her weight for years and gaining about 100 pounds over the course of her college career, leah was the heaviest she’d ever been. she tried a couple fad diets and cleanses, but after a while, she half-heartedly convinced herself that she was happy with her weight, proud even - until she was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. unable to bring herself to even look at the wedding photos, she decided it was time to make a change.

check out the blog to find out how leah turned things around with the help of our little fitbook!

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it may be st. patrick’s day, but we’re not exactly over here hunting down leprechauns or searching for four-leaf clovers. why not? because we don’t believe in waiting around for lady luck to notice us. we believe in goals. and what better time to start than the season of spring?

check out the blog for 3 ways to spruce up your goals this spring that have nothing to do with cleaning out your closet.  bonus: enter our GIVEAWAY with EBOOST!


sometimes it seems like there’s a holiday for everything, but national pack your lunch day is definitely one we can get behind. in fact, you might say we’ve been "prepping" (pun-intended) for this day for years by creating an arsenal of fit foodie tools. there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to packin’ that lunch sack. different needs call for different solutions. 

check out the blog for our blueprint for the perfect lunch, whether you spend your days manning a boardroom or a mommy-mobile.


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