we have been huge fans of the adorable fit(ish) apparel line since we first laid eyes on their original chuckle-worthy tees. their message of balancing health + happiness jibes perfectly with our own founding fitlosophy.

and now, we're giving our fabulous fitbookers a chance to win a fitlosophy + fit(ish) prize pack for the next 5 days. no tricks - just treats!


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after 90 days of whole30 structure, the reintroduction phase has our chief fitlosopher craving another challenge. enter 4-time figure olympia champion nicole wilkins' 30-day transformation challenge, the perfect chance for the chief to set new goals that revolve around fitness just as much as food. follow along as she gets serious about hitting the gym, dialing in her nutrition (again) + supplementing in a healthy way.


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meet cristal: our OG fab fitbooker. the ultimate fitbook fan for the past seven years - looooong before we graced target shelves or the pages of SELF magazine - she’s the kind of devotee-turned-dear-friend who sends bottles of wine to our offices on fitbook birthdays. so when cristal saw our chief fitlosopher doing whole30, she was intrigued. 

see how, with fitbook lite by her side, she totally crushed it, racking up a list of non-scale victories a mile long - not to mention shedding 8 pounds and countless inches.


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did you know there’s an entire day dedicated to all things dessert?? it’s national dessert day, and with september whole30 (er, 90) behind us, the timing couldn’t be more perfect! with one small caveat: if you joined us then you might still be mid-reintroduction.

check out the blog (like now) to see how we do dessert during reintroduction with our paleo chocolate pudding that is almost whole30, entirely yummy.


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a world-famous trainer-to-the-stars, harley pasternak is responsible for shaping the svelte physiques of some of the biggest names in hollywood. halle berry in catwoman? yeah, that was all him. so needless to say, when harley speaks, we listen.

on the blog now: harley's top 3 weight-loss tips...and pssst, guess what?? there's a fitbook for that.


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when our chief fitlosopher decided to do to this thing called whole30 this past july, it was mostly because (like so many), regardless of how healthfully she was eating or how much she was exercising, her body just wasn’t responding. 

check out the blog to see what happened when she not only gave up coffee cream + vino for three whole months, but spent 90 days giving whole30 her whole effort. her results might surprise you.

[warning: like, way oversharing, entirely vulnerable, and hopefully relatable rant.]


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for six years, we have been honored to contribute to the fight against breast cancer with fitbook PINK. now, as we usher in breast cancer awareness month, we couldn’t think of a better way to mark the occasion than sharing prevention pointers we’ve learned along the way.

check out the blog for 6 simple ways to slash your risk of breast cancer + get a peek at our purty little philanthropic fitbook PINK.

available now for a limited time only @ www.getfitbook.com/fitbookPINK

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ok, it’s official: fall has us going gaga for pumpkin spice. so in honor of #nationalcoffeeday, we thought it only fitting to brew up our own whole30-approved version of this seasonal favorite. try this no-dairy, no-sugar fall favorite sans the guilt.

check out the blog for our ode to #PSL, whole30-style.

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as much as whole30 is a game changer, we believe that reaching your goals is 50/50 nutrition + fitness. still, even with your diet dialed in + your workouts on-track, sometimes momentum stalls + you find yourself at the dreaded progress plateau. what then?

check out the blog for 4 questions you should be asking yourself when your progress hits the pause button.

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if there’s one thing that gets us excited for fall, it’s pumpkin spice season! but when you’re smack-dab in the middle of whole30, the standard syrupy sweet, frothy pumpkin spice latte just won’t do. 

that’s why we came up with 4 recipes to partake in pumpkin spice. 
get ready to spice up your sides with vitamin-packed pumpkin recipes that are perfectly paleo + whole30-approved.

get the recipes - on the blog!

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