after struggling with her weight for years and gaining about 100 pounds over the course of her college career, leah was the heaviest she’d ever been. she tried a couple fad diets and cleanses, but after a while, she half-heartedly convinced herself that she was happy with her weight, proud even - until she was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. unable to bring herself to even look at the wedding photos, she decided it was time to make a change.

check out the blog to find out how leah turned things around with the help of our little fitbook!

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it may be st. patrick’s day, but we’re not exactly over here hunting down leprechauns or searching for four-leaf clovers. why not? because we don’t believe in waiting around for lady luck to notice us. we believe in goals. and what better time to start than the season of spring?

check out the blog for 3 ways to spruce up your goals this spring that have nothing to do with cleaning out your closet.  bonus: enter our GIVEAWAY with EBOOST!


sometimes it seems like there’s a holiday for everything, but national pack your lunch day is definitely one we can get behind. in fact, you might say we’ve been "prepping" (pun-intended) for this day for years by creating an arsenal of fit foodie tools. there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to packin’ that lunch sack. different needs call for different solutions. 

check out the blog for our blueprint for the perfect lunch, whether you spend your days manning a boardroom or a mommy-mobile.


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we’re totally pancake people over here. so we were, of course, ecstatic to usher in a new era of fitlosophyzed flapjacks just in time for #nationalpancakeday! from paleo pumpkin pancakes to lean green protein pancakes, we've got healthy options to whip up for brunch - or brinner! enjoy a short stack without the guilt.

check out the blog for 3 clean pancake recipes that have us totally forking out right now.


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we have 12 short weeks until summer, fitbookers. that means we’re just one fitbook (or two fitbook lites) away from wedding season, tank-top time, and of course, beach-bronzing. but ya know what? we’re not down with obsessive workout schedules or seasonal extreme diets just to squeeze into a bikini. we’re more into reaping the rewards of some major goal-getting. 

check out the blog to find out how we're thinking outside the bikini-body box with 12 goals to get you in gear for warmer weather!


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it is fat tuesday, so we’re just gonna go ahead and say it: fat is BACK, baby! and better than ever. why?? anyone who lived through the 80s will recall the big fat-free craze that swept america.  still, as with anything, we like to keep this caboose at moderation station. fat = flavor, which means it’s easy to overdo, so always make sure you’re sticking to proper portions by measuring or weighing your food. or even simpler: just toss everything into our portable, pre-portioned snackstak containers for effortless portion control!

check out the blog for 7 of our favorite snacks to fatten up your tuesday the healthy way.


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can we whine about something for a minute? we wish everyone gave our beloved vino the r-e-s-p-e-c-t it so deserves. not only do the many antioxidants in red wine keep your heart healthy + assist you in fighting off colds, the resveratrol helps your brain stay sharp and has even been shown to inhibit cancerous-cell growth. all these superpowers wrapped up in one little tasty, ruby-red package?? we’ll TAKE it! because, NOT?! (yes, we went there)

check out the blog for our new favorite way to have our wine + eat it too - let's just say it's pretty cool.[sorry kids, this these cabernet fudge pops are for adults only!]


reward thyself. who else loves filling out that little red-hued reward box in their weekly planning pages? and better yet, who isn't thrilled to check that "yep" box in the weekly wrap-up that answers the question: "did your earn your reward?" it's a simple yet glorious thing. in fact, that’s why we created fitbook around the philosophy of goal-setting + reward-reaping.  in fact, research shows that smaller, more frequent rewards are more effective than one big reward. 

need some ideas? head to the blog for 21 fun little rewards that won't break the bank.



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this valentine’s day, we’re forgoing the typical candy hearts + love poems, in favor of celebrating the greatest loves of our lives: our fabfitbookers. now don’t get us wrong - we embrace any holiday that pays homage to L-O-V-E, but let’s be honest, this day can be quite a bummer for those of us who have yet to find our lobster (no FRIENDS reference left unturned over here, #notsorry).  

in honor of this day of love, we caught up with a few of our #fabfitbooker crushes to see what they’ve been up to since we last talked. check out the blog to read all about our forever valentines, the reason we do what we do, the ones who warm our hearts.


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we heart valentine’s day, but the standard dinner-out + box of chocolates is kind of played out, not to mention expensive + lacking nutritionally. so what’s the sweetest thing you can do for your love (or heck, even your gal pal) this valentine’s day? take care of their heart (literally) by cooking up a full day’s worth of simple, heart-healthy meals that will make your 'em swoon from morning to night! now that’s L-O-V-E. 

whether you're brunchin' with your bestie or dining in with your darling, these 4 heart-healthy recipes are a surefire way to show 'em you care. nothing says love like a healthy heart! 


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