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yay you(!) for joining the fitlosophy team - here's what you can look forward to over the next 12 weeks:

weekly workout plans  *  sample meal plans * recipes
blogs * videos  * podcasts

[and day-by-day insight from the chief fitlosopher herself!]

not signed up yet? never fear - you can join at any time. 
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here's the scoop:
* first email on sunday (02/05) with your workout plan + meal plan
* weekly email each sunday with workout + nutrition info, plus recipes + tips
* motivation + daily connectivity via social media (facebook + twitter)
* frequent this webpage - all  links + downloads are on the right --> (updated weekly!)

most importantly – we’ll do it together.  you'll see that everyone struggles, everyone slips up…and everyone (even you) can also succeed! meet the girls of fitlosophy

now - here's what you need to do:
1) read the prep for success email so you're ready!

2) watch the videos on what 20twelve is all about
     (on the right)

3) grab your fitbook + complete your 12-week
    planning pages

4) tweet/post your 20twelve goal  - i'll choose 1 fitbooker for a 30-min goal-setting session with me!

5) meet our fab 5 fitbookers (including my daddy!) + the fitlosophy team

get ready to get fit (together)!  let's show 20twelve who's boss!
live life life fit...

[meet our fab 5 fitbookers]