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introducing the NEW fitbook 3.0!

our primary focus at fitlosophy is to give our customers exactly what they want! in a recent survey, fitbookers told us the features they wanted and so we listened. with 20% more pages, here’s what’s new in fitbook 3.0:

1. weekly wrap-up added to each week so you can reflect on goals you set, reward yourself & then jot down the good and not-so-good so you can prepare mentally for doing better the next week. over 72% of fitbookers wanted this feature added – so here you go!

2. more notes pages to journal your thoughts, jot down reminders, or just doodle! with extra notes pages each week and at the back, the fitbook now has plenty of space for you to reflect on your goals and progress.

3. fit resources to give tips to make the most of your workouts. from updated recommended products & books we love, to ways to interact more with fitbook online, fitbook is chock full of (free) resources!

4. new sample pages to provide insight on how to best use fitbook to reach your goals. including a sample 12-week plan, weekly planning, daily tracking & weekly wrap-up, we want to make using fitbook easy as 1-2-3!

the #1 thing we hear from fans of fitbook was that they love fitbook and didn’t want anything to change. never fear – the same fave features are still included: pint-size pen, strap to mark your place, slot in the back to store your gym card, the super portable size, and of course the goal-setting format that sets fitbook apart from all the rest. take a peek inside the new fitbook 3.0!