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dearest fitbookers:


as chief fitlosopher + creator of fitbook, iím reaching out to you in hopes that youíll join me in a cause thatís near + dear to my heart.  as you may (or may not) know, i battled eating disorders and a negative body image for about 7 years, which is a large part of why i created fitbook.  that said, i understand the struggle that people face due to a poor body image.  this is an ongoing battle for so many people and we want to change this!
with thanksgiving approaching, it's the perfect time to take a moment to be thankful.  we work hard to keep our bodies in shape all year round and now is a great time to appreciate all that it does for us.  having a positive body image keeps us healthy and fit!
FACT: people who have a positive body image shed 6% more weight than less confident people. pressuring ourselves to be "perfect" means setting unrealistic goals - instead, set achievable yet challenging goals so you're more likely to succeed! (SELF magazine, Oct 2011)
SO...what can YOU do?
join fitlosophy and our kind-hearted sponsors to spread the word to b #thankful for their bodies this november!   
don't forget: tag b #thankful and @fitbook so we can track our impact!
[see samples on the right from our bod squad supporters]

so let's get started - do tell:
what do u <3 abt yr bod?
[upload pics - tell us in words - be creative!]
letís promote a positive body image this holiday season - and thank you...we are #thankful for YOU!!

 live life fit!

b #thankful
join us on friday, november 18th at 11:00am PST
participation = prizes
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