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too many women die each year because they are unaware that heart disease is their #1 killer. one in three women suffers in silence, and almost one woman dies every minute of this largely preventable disease. in support of Go Red For Women and the American Heart Association, fitlosophy inc. is launching the 3rd annual BLOG YOUR HEART OUT campaign to create awareness and to encourage people to speak up against heart disease.

as part of this initiative, fitlosophy has rallied 4 bloggers to SPEAK UP and share their personal stories in an effort to raise awareness through social media methods such as blogs, twitter, and Facebook. meet our bloggers (below) and follow them as they blog for 4 weeks to encourage women to join the Go Red Movement and spread the word at

  • heart disease kills about 1 woman every minute, or approximately 450,000 women each year
  • more women die of heart disease than the next five causes of death combined, including all forms of cancer
  • 90% of women have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease
  • 80% of cardiac events in women may be prevented by making the right choices involving diet, exercise and abstinence from smoking

  • more than 1/3 have lost weight
  • nearly 55% have increased their exercise and 60% have changed their diets
  • more than 40% have checked their cholesterol levels
GO RED and speak up against heart disease – join fitlosophy and the American Heart Association as we create awareness around this very serious but silent killer. join the movement and speak up against heart disease!  click here to get your personalized free 5-step GO RED plan.

  • meet the bloggers (below) and follow the BLOG YOUR HEART OUT blogs for 4 weeks to save lives
  • join the GO RED movement and become part of the fight against heart disease, the #1 killer of women in america
  • blog or tell a blogger you know to join us for BLOG YOUR HEART OUT DAY on friday, february 22nd where we can all raise our voices and SPEAK UP against heart disease. click here for more info - join us bloggers!


angela manzanares

angela embraces the fit life and has a passion for positively influencing the lives of others. based out of orange county, california, her company, fitlosophy inc. offers a new approach to fitness with tools to set + achieve health goals. the mission of fitlosophy is to inspire people to live a healthy, active lifestyle by motivating and supporting them with innovative products, to redefine how people integrate fitness into their lifestyle, and to change the shape of our world - literally. with heart disease running in her family on both sides, angela is very aware of the importance of living a healthy life. combining her passion of helping others through fitlosophy, while also creating awareness around the #1 killer of women in america is a cause that is very near + dear to her heart. read more as she blogs her heart out! 

nicole nordli
nicole is a mother of four, with a passion for health, food, fitness and everything in between. she love's to share her knowledge, hoping to inspire + motivate others to live a healthy, fit life.  most importantly, with having heart disease on both sides of her family, as well as a mother who underwent heart surgery twice, nicole wants to set a healthy, positive example for her children. teaching them that health and fitness is more than just your appearance, exercising makes us feel better, keeps our hearts strong and following a HEART healthy diet keeps us FIT from the inside out! read more as she blogs her heart out!

amie hoff
with heart disease extremely prevalent on both sides of her family, media contributor + fitness expert amie hoff learned early on the benefits of healthy living and made it her mission to help people everywhere understand how simple, healthy changes can have a big impact. with over 20 years’ experience, amie shares her fitness and heart health knowledge as a personal trainer, fitness consultant, public speaker, and media contributor on both national and local TV as well as Shape, Fitness and many other health + fitness publications. her latest venture, the  FitKit, provides people access with an affordable workout solution that can be done anytime, anywhere. read more as she blogs her heart out!

sahar elhodiri aker
sahar is an avid supporter of go red for women due to the fact that her mother died of a stroke at a young age. from covering women and heart disease as a reporter, sahar knows all too well that too many women are unaware of their risks for heart disease and she is dedicated to making a difference. as a fitfluential ambassador + veteran tv news health reporter, sahar now runs - a fun and informative website featuring the latest news and videos on diet, fitness, and the obesity epidemic. her work has been featured on yahoo, CNN, and other television and media outlets where she still makes appearances to talk about topics related to diet and fitness.  read more as she blogs her heart out! 

rachel wilkerson
after losing more than 80 pounds and getting healthy, rachel’s a believer that learning to cook healthy foods and finding exercise you love can be incredibly empowering. as a writer for media outlets such as SHAPE and Yahoo! Shine, rachel writes about health, fitness, work, feminism, relationships, and life. she balances time spent at her computer writing with yoga and spin classes, plus an unwavering commitment to getting enough sleep.  read more as she blogs her heart out! 

are you blogger? learn more about fitlosophy’s BLOG YOUR HEART OUT movement to create awareness online! join fitlosophy and our team of 4 bloggers and BLOG YOUR HEART OUT on february 22nd. check out how you can make a difference - click here to learn more

"the BLOG YOUR HEART OUT campaign with the fitlosophy team helped us reach the world of social media with go red for women and heart health messaging in a unique and exciting way! through the bloggers’ commitment to follow the betterU program and blog about their experiences over the course of 12-weeks countless women were encouraged to make heart-healthy lifestyle changes. thanks to fitlosophy for making this effort such a great success! we hope to grow the BLOG YOUR HEART OUT initiative and continue to empower women with life-saving heart health information through social media and beyond."
nicolla ross, senior director of community health
american heart association

fitlosophy receives AHA's appreciation award for outstanding achievement for its innovative BLOG YOUR HEART OUT campaign, launched in february 2010! peruse the press on this exciting honor and browse the blog of fitlosphy's founder for the backstory behind this program - and join her and the team of bloggers as fitlosophy launches the 3rd annual BLOG YOUR HEART OUT initiative!